• Maggie Neuman

The Influence of Janelle Monáe

Alright y’all… it’s Women’s History Month and what better way is there to celebrate here at WIDR then by sharing some of our favorite influential women musicians! To start us off on this little series I’m going to be talking about Janelle Monáe who is an inspiration to many, and if she isn’t already an inspiration to you, she really should be and hopefully I can convince you why.

First of all, I have never listened to someone’s music that is so empowering. There are some people who shy away from discussing social movements in their music and art and what have you, but Janelle Monáe just sends it. Like who can listen to “Q.U.E.E.N.” or watch the music video for “Pynk” (vagina pants am I right?!) and not feel like they can take on the world? I just don’t think it’s possible.

So what is it that makes Janelle Monáe so influential and incredible? Well first off, she is a woman of many talents - both an extremely successful musician and actress. She has taken on powerful roles on screen and has created similarly powerful roles in her music videos. Don’t get me wrong, her music stands alone extremely well, but the Emotion Picture (film) for her album Dirty Computer (arguably one of the best pop albums of all time) enhances the experience even more.

Of course you can’t forget the musical influence of The ArchAndroid. That album has some fantastic singles but the album experience as a whole is impeccable. It is definitely meant to be experienced all at once and when you listen to it you’ll quickly understand why, because you won’t want to stop once you start.