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Take Off Ur Pants Review

Sometimes Spotify’s Discover Weekly that they curate for you is a hit or miss, but lately I’ve been finding some good tunes on there! Recently I found Indigo De Souza’s single “Take Off Ur Pants” from her album I Love My Mom and I immediately added it to my liked songs. I was surprised to find out this was released in 2018, but you know, it doesn’t really matter if the songs you discover were released a day ago, or decades ago, the point is that you got to hear it.

I was hooked on the low groovy guitar line that introduced the song, which continues to play beneath the rest of instruments once they come in. Also, I really like how the tempo of the instruments have some dissonance with the vocals. When you first hear it, you think it might be a slower, vibey song, but the vocals change it to more of an angsty and faster tune. And we get the crashing of drums and other guitars that join in, especially as we get further into the song.

The other thing that I love about this song is the lyrics. The lyrics are repetitive, but that’s how it gets it’s point across. You can hear them clearly, and I also think that they are just entirely relatable. Comparison in this world is almost inevitable, especially with the media, and even just people in your environment. It gets far too easy to focus on other people’s lives instead of our own, and that’s where jealousy and insecurity comes in. She sings of everyday tasks, like “when am I gonna get out of bed, like everybody else does” or “when am I gonna start being cool, like everyone else is.” But she eventually screams out, “now that everyone’s gone, I can tell you the truth,” like she’s finally able to express what she’s feeling without being overcome by others. The media and other people continuously make us feel like we should be in some great place, and that we have to achieve so many things. But it’s perfectly okay to be proud of getting out of bed.

Go take a listen to this song! Maybe you’ll interpret it differently than me! To me it’s 100% the kind of song I have to sing out loud to.

Thanks for reading <3


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