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Promotion Team Member of the Month

Grace McElhone

"Hey I'm Grace! I'm a second year student double majoring in Environmental and Sustainability Studies and Foodservice Operations and Sustainability. I chose to join WIDR because I wanted to get involved in Kalamazoo's music community. I love to sing and play ukulele, guitar, and kazoo, and would like to improve my skills on the tambourine."

How long have you been volunteering at WIDR FM?

This is my second year volunteering for WIDRfm, I got involved during the fall of my freshman year.

What is your most memorable moment at WIDR FM?

My most memorable moment at WIDR was last year's homecoming tailgate. I was new at WIDR, so I did not fully understand the scope of WIDR and its culture. One alumni told us that at 7 a.m., WIDR would announce announce whether or not female students were allowed to wear pants, which depended on the temperature.

What would be your dream event/concert/lineup?

Peach Pit, Big Thief, and Lorde. I just really want to see all of them live.


I knew that getting involved with WIDR would connect me with a bunch of cool people who love music like I do, and that's exactly what it did!

What drew your attention to WIDR?

I grew up in a really small farm town. Our one alternative station was bought out while I was in high school, and is now the millionth country station in my area. I started listening to MSU's student radio station and loved that students could play what they wanted, when they wanted. When I chose to attend WMU, I found WIDR online and it just looked like such a cool place so I followed them on social media, and went to the SMG meeting last September.

What does WIDR and Radio Evolution mean to you?

I love that WIDR plays local and alternative musicians who might not get air time if not for stations like WIDR. Radio Evolution is all about creating a movement that supports musicians that might not otherwise be played on the radio.

Any closing thoughts?

I frickin' love WIDRfm.


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