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First Aid Kit Ruins

It’s been 4 whole long years since the folk-indie duo First Aid Kit has given my folk-indie heart some amazing sweet girl tunes.

And the wait has been worth it. Sisters Klara and Johanna have found beauty in the pain of Klara’s broken off engagement. Ruins has that delicate mature sound of strength someone finds after hardships.

The opening song of “Rebel Heart” truly sets the lyrical president for the rest of the album. They are reflective, but have this overwhelming sense of awareness and movement forward. It’s almost its own masterpiece but the sisters amazing harmonies and layered instruments are what makes this song an amazing special opening track for their album.

Another track that has poetic and engaging lyrics is “To live a Life”. It feels so very beautifully Joan Baez. There’s no clear chorus, or repeated lines, which makes the song very raw, and almost like a confessional. A simple guitar is the centerpiece of this song, and as it continues other instruments build off it slowly, as the lyrics gain perspective and understanding. It’s an amazing combination.

The title song “Ruins”, and “Fireworks” are the best songs that displays the sisters voices. While both of them sound very different, they similarity on how simply the vocals sound in the beginning. It’s the simplistic beauty that builds into a subtle show of harmony and talent. You don't even realize it’s happening till it happens and all of sudden your like “woah” this is a ballad. They are two beautifully deceptive trick folks songs.

Best Tracks: “Rebel Heart”, “To Live a Life”, “Ruins” “Fireworks” , “Postcard”


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