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east coast emo: an accessible take on math rock

We love a good ole perusal through the Spotify catalogues. In my late days after being Program Director, I have been sporadically applying for jobs and attempting to adult. It has worked, but I’ve also gotten entirely sidetracked finding more math rock albums. Well, in reality mostly sulking about the fact that I missed Chon and Thomas Erak shredding some old The Fall of Troy tunes, which you can check out here.

Regardless, I happened to find luminism, a band out of what seems to be one of the music capitals lately: Atlanta, Georgia. I have found so many cool bands from that area, and this is just another addition to the list. luminism defies even math rock genre standards and branches into sounds reminiscent of Hypoluxo, Chon, and Rafa Rodriguez.

east coast emo is a journey in itself, perhaps a call for a new movement? Midwest emo certainly isn’t dead, but east coast emo may just be getting established. I kid. But what a dope album title! Each song has its own pop sensibilities that will certainly be accessible to the average listener and even TFOT diehards. So put on your dad hat and strap in for this seventeen-minute ride. Perfect for a quick drive with the homies after a hard day of work.

All I am saying is keep luminism on your radar. They might blow up soon and you’ll have heard it from me first.


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