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DJ Recs 10/25/23

This week we wanted to try something a bit different, and asked DJs to tell us why they like the song they are recommending. We hope you enjoy what they have to say, and listen to their picks HERE!

Seether - Fine Again

Bronco Breakdowns w/ Zach Pryor

I love everything about this song. The message, the instrumentation, all of it. This was a song that got me through rough years in High School where I wasn’t in my best mindset, but this song and always stood out as an epic cry out to those who felt the same as me, and reminded me that not only were there a ton of us out there having similar struggles, but everything is in fact gonna be Fine Again.

Mystery Skulls - Ghost

Electro Pop Therapy

This was my favorite musical discovery of that year[2014] - and in October I try to highlight songs with that distinct Halloween vibe. The music video is delightful and a must for anyone trying to highlight some "deeper cuts" at an upcoming Halloween party. While the animated "Scooby Doo" version is better known there is something very relatable to me about the original, i.e., exorcising some demons through the power of cutting a rug to a funky and unerringly catchy dance pop tune.

Enter The Crypt W/ Delta of Venus

Robert Haimer was a special and versatile musician and a friend to me. Maybe not always the easiest friend to talk to at times, but a friend that inadvertently challenged me to push myself to create a happier life and to find peace within. Robert was in Barnes and Barnes with Bill Mumy of Lost In Space fame. Robert wrote “Fish Heads ». Barnes and Barnes’ most well known song and the song most requested on the Dr. Demento radio show. He also wrote a lot of love songs in his solo work as an artist. This is one such work. I actually got in contact with Robert unexpectedly through a mutual musical industry contact we knew. Thus began our friendship as online pen friends, up until his death on March 4, 2023.

When Robert wrote or said things it came from the heart, and this song was no exception. I admit, this has always been the hardest of his songs to listen to for me, for explaining things I didn’t have the words to say. He often would tell me in passing that he was not much longer for this world, but that it brought him joy to know his music was loved and being played. We lost Robert on March 4, 2023 in Los Angeles. I got the phone call at work from someone who had worked with him and with the band Devo, who’s members Barnes and Barnes had worked with in the past. Robert is dearly missed.

Kenny Hoopla - DIRTY WHITE VANS//

Variety w/ Sydney

This was the second Kenny Hoopla song I ever heard, and I have been listening to it on repeat since then (over two years!) It's super fun, and itches my brain just right. It's a great song to scream along to in the summer with the windows down and despite it's somewhat silly lyrics, I enjoy it greatly.

The Rock Show w/DJ Koda


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