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Dj Recs 1/17/24

Listen to your favorite WIDR DJ's recommendation on Spotify.

The Paper Kites - Woodland

Bronco Breakdowns w/ Zach Pryor

The Megas - The Message From Dr. Light/Level Select The VoiceBox

DJ Austin

Alison Valentine - Warm Winter's Day

Electro-Pop Therapy w DJ Danger Groove

 Earwig - Bring Yrself 2 Me Electronacoustix with SamTheSaxMan

The band Earwig was formed at the college my dad went to and he used to help out with and take me to bar concerts when I was real little so I got a love for them and this is my favorite song from them.

The Antisocial Happy Hour w/Danya

Buckethead - The Snow Rabbit

Renaissance Alt w/ Messenger Dove

The Iron Temple w/ DJ Red Special

lil yu - get a little closer been jammin w benjamin


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