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Charmer – Signing with Counter Intuitive Recs + Upcoming Kalamazoo Show!

Charmer, a 4-piece indie, pop-punkish, Midwest emo group from Marquette, Michigan has some new music for us for the first time since early 2021. Charmer’s studio debut, a self-titled album released in 2018, gained a lot of attention and was quickly praised throughout the Midwest emo scene. Their 2020 follow-up record Ivy, released via No Sleep Records was a little more punk-influenced and made a splash in the early quarantine days.

Recently, it was announced that Charmer has signed with indie-emo label Counter Intuitive Records, known for bands like Mom Jeans, Origami Angel, and Prince Daddy & The Hyena. A 4-song EP was released in conjunction with the announcement on February 24, 2023 called Seney Stretch. I think fans of indie or Midwest emo should give it a listen!

Charmer is also set to play a show at Papa Pete’s in Kalamazoo on March 16th with Freddie Sunshine, FinalBossFight!, and Kalamazoo-based band Saturdays at Your Place. The show is 21+. It should be interesting so pop out to support some Michigan bands if you can!


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