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The Impact of Warren Miller Films

I grew up as a young kid loving skiing. It has always been one of my strong passions, largely fueled by Warren Miller’s film. Warren Miller was a ski filmmaker that created reflections of my childhood. Whether it be from scenes of base jumping, steep skiing in Chamonix, or just the sheer adrenaline that these films instill, it’s easy for me to miss that feeling.

What causes this phenomena is not just attributed to the film shots, but actually the music. My music taste now has roots in these early films. My childhood musical leanings were strongly influenced by artists whose music was licensed for these films, and big names too, like The Kooks, Muse, Coldplay, Dave Matthews Band, and Foo Fighters. Take a kid who already watched extreme sports, place a top tier soundtrack in the film, and you have a perfect formula for nostalgia.

I’ve created a playlist that encapsulates the best of Warren Miller tunes from his earlier 2000’s films if you want to relive the nostalgic memories you may have never had, but can appreciate. (Check it out here).

And a closing quote from Warren that encapsulates life very well: “If you don’t do it this year, you’ll be one year older, when you do.”

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