• Kyle Petronio


Recently I just underwent a rather strenuous breakup that took much mental energy out of me. As a result, I found myself perusing through Spotify looking for an album to help me cope. I listen to many albums each day, being WIDR’s music director and all. What turned out to be a rather simple search led me to a great path of self discovery but also one of the greatest albums of this decade.

Let me explain.

On a cold January day earlier this year, I happened to check out a single that the band Triathalon was featured on. The main artist? Deaton Chris Anthony. An unknown miracle. This man is from the Los Angeles area, and loves his basketball references. His collaboration with Triathalon should not come as surprising, as they tend to rip genre stereotypes apart, creating a sound which can feature math rock components or more bedroom pop elements, such as their tune with The Marías. But this song, “Mr. Call You Back,” was created shortly after Deaton met the band in the desert. The hilarious thing is that the song’s inspiration came from them searching up “money phone” on Google. The first result? Jay Z holding a “phone” made of money. This is what inspired the single’s album art; a painting of Deaton holding a money phone in a modernistic vaporware-esque background. The video in itself is a trip, and I won’t burden you with all the details, but you can check it out here.

Fast forward to a couple weeks back, the album “BO Y” dropped. Strangely enough, I didn’t check out the album immediately. For one, I had no idea if it would help with my creative roadblock. After being completely uninspired to really do anything this Thanksgiving break, I decided to check this album out and BO Y, was I surprised.