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This Month brought WIDR’s rotation rack a number of different indie-pop records that are guaranteed to keep you going this semester. Our WIDR staff picked some of their favorites for an upbeat playlist full of dance grooves.

1. "Gym Birds." by Pope: This first song on our playlist is an indie rock down tempo jam. The kind of jam that you can wear a hoodie, sit somewhere, and bob your head to.

2. "In Undertow." by Alvvays:

Great indie pop jam with beautiful vocals and great lyrics. This song details two lovers discussing their lost love, which becomes apparent to them that it very well is lost. This song brings a feeling a nostalgia for love and what's been lost.

3. "New Friends." by Pinegrove:

This song has it in the's all about new friends and connecting yourself to new people. This jam is off of Pinegrove's 2015 album 'Everything so Far.' It kind of has a sad feel to it talking about how he's messed up things with his old friends, so he has to resort to making new ones.

4. "This Year." by Beach Fossils:

This song is from the band's first single from their third LP "Somersault." It's all about making this year a better one. It's repetitive in terms of lyrics, but definitely a jam.

5. "Still Beating." by Mac Demarco:

Although the tune is upbeat and happy, the lyrics indicate that this song might be about a breakup. Personally this song reminds me of a sunny summer day with some good pals.

6. "Static Electricity." by Spencer Radcliffe:

From their 2017 album "Enjoy the Great Outdoors", Spencer Radcliffe brings us this sad boy feeling song. I first heard this song in a car with some of my friends on our way to see a show. It invokes great memories.

7. "Never Going Home." by Hazel English: Despite the instrumentation this song has a very robust quality to it. You can tell there's only a few instruments involved but it still feels very full. Being a Australian-born musician, Hazel English has constructed this song to detail about her move overseas to California and how she is "Never Going Home".

8. "Sun's Out." by Hoops:

Off of Hoops's 2017 album "Routines" we are given this gem. Despite the limited amount of lyrics in this song, the instrumentation fills it out very nicely and gives it a washed out type of feel. Good for a long road trip.

You can listen to this playlist and follow us on Spotify for all of our past playlists here.

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