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Rocket by (Sandy) Alex G Takes an Otherworldly Approach to Indie Lo Fi Folk

Never being exposed to (Sandy) Alex G before this album, I was excited to dive into the sound from this Lo Fi Pennsylvania born songwriter. The album was nothing like I expected after listening to the opening few tracks, but this contrast means the album is never dull keeping you on your toes.

Three prep strums, banjo, and dogs barking is the opening to (Sandy) Alex G’s new album Rocket. The song title Poison Root, and it’s avant Garde strings, lyrics about poisons trees, and becoming wholly omniscient sets an ominous tone for the album to come. Proud is next on up, and it is filled with jangly guitar, and bright piano. Lyrically it seems to explore the feelings of doubt, and not wanting to fail love ones. County graces the 3rd spot, and it starts with a surreal soundscape, that feels Jazzier than earlier tracks. Synth organ, and multi vocal parts liter the mix, and immerse the listener within the vinyet.

Lyrically exploring life within the jail system, and misfortune. Bobby is batting clean up 4th, and is back with the banjo, country jangle we’ve heard earlier. Introducing a female vocalist onto the album as well. I feel this is the first true love song of the album, and lyrically is “cute”, but also heartfelt. Ironically possibly Witch is the next track, with a harpsichord to start the mood off, and varied percussive sounds used to drive the sound. Giving into a more psych/indie sound is fresh within the middle of this folk album beginning. Laying vocals into the song as it moves to close, though it seems to end sudden. You’re greeted next to a cacophony of digitally created sounds, claps, clanks, and drones, along with a steady thump from the depths of the mix. The track is entitled Horse. Avant Garde at its finest. Brick is just as the title implies, it comes through the album like a brick through a glass house. More uses of avant garde house flavors, distant vocals makes this track harshness less overwhelming. Sportstar leads us into space, changing the sound again, using peter frampton esque guitar, and vox. Judge is number 9 on the album, and it feels as heavy as standing in front of one. Layered vox, eerie high melodies, and droning guitar. The track where the album might get its name sake is sprinkled in at 10, and it is littered with the motif of banjo, country strings, and another place. Powerful Man is my favorite song on the album, and it’s melding of genres, while being some of the finest uses of folk styling on the album. Alina softly graces the ending stages of this album, using hand drummed percussion, and other timekeeping devices to drive this floating sound aloft, and into space. Unlucky 13 is home to Big Fish giving us more of what we’ve been hearing, but rawer, and less symphonic. Bookending at 14, Guilty is back to the jazzy, organ filled style of earlier. Adding more instrumentation, and flavors.

Genre bending, Lo Fi generating, Indie darling (Sandy) Alex G ignites in this album that is 14 tracks with a shared goal of propelling the listener to a different world, and maybe help relax you in the process.

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