• Hank Melluish

The Real Musical Travesty of Sunday's Big Game

Here’s the thing… here’s the thing… I should be doing homework right now, and this is going to upset a lot of people. As I’m writing this it’s one in the AM, and I told myself this could wait until tomorrow, but the past few days I have been blinded with confusion and anger and for what? I’ll tell you what, that’s what.

So, The Weeknd played the Big Game this Sunday, and it was a big event, right? People in the music sphere as well as the sports sphere were talking about the Weeknd. The older folks were like “Who’s the Weeknd?” and his fans were like “How is he going to do a family-friendly halftime show?” and I’m sitting there like, “People were mad he was snubbed at the Grammys... it’s a publicity stunt,” you know? But anyway, I was at work, and because I work in a restaurant I was able to catch the halftime show in the bar. Missed everything else.

Now, my opinion on The Weeknd is very much from the perspective of an outsider looking in. I like some of his music--namely “Blinding Lights,” “The Hills”--but he seems like a pompous ass to me. I liked him in Uncut Gems too… but that movie just ruled across the board. What I’m saying is that if anyone is able to deliver an unbiased opinion on this show, it’s humble old me.

Here’s the fact, fella: that was a killer show. You’re high, baked and stoned to say otherwise.

Now, sure… he’s clearly channeling Michael Jackson on the heavy-side… but to say that this show was worse than Madonna’s, or that awful Maroon 5 one a few years back, that’s just a blatant falsehood and you know it! This dude monopolized the stage, the cameras, the field, and it was something I’d never seen before. The guy is a showman.