• Maggie Neuman

My First House Show


I’ve been a big concert attendee since I was a kid when my parents began taking me to shows ranging from orchestra performances to rock concerts. However, I have not been to many smaller shows especially since being in Kalamazoo. Since joining the street team at WIDR and learning more about the music scene in Kalamazoo, I have been inspired to attend some smaller shows which, luckily for us college students, are much less expensive than stadium tours. My venture into the local Kalamazoo music scene began this Saturday night when I went to my first house show. If I’m honest, I was a bit sketched out to go to this as being in a stranger’s basement seemed a little unsafe to me. Luckily my friend wanted to go as well, and it ended up being one of the most chill (and perfectly safe!) experiences I’ve had in a while.

Hopie Joe performing at the Green House

There were multiple house shows going on this Saturday night, so the show ended up having about 25 people there at the peak which as I’ve been told is less than normal. I had never heard of any of the groups that performed but it was a very fun experience none the less. If anyone is like me who gets very annoyed at pop music focusing only on love and relationships, this is the type of event for you. I loved hearing music that covered topics such as hair, traveling, and existentialism expressed through sipping tea. Unfortunately, I was unable to see all the groups perform as I am a grandma and was falling asleep standing up by 10:30 but here are my thoughts on the four people I did get to see perform.

Justin Schoenfelder

Justin Schoenfelder was the first person to perform and rolled out with a ukulele which made me very excited from the get-go. He played with a lot more energy than I was expecting from a ukulele and it was awesome. If I had to say one musician that Justin reminded me of, it would pr