Get Involved

Interested in getting involved with us at WIDR?!

Check out our different positions to become apart of the WIDR Family

On-Air Personality/Show Host

  • Have your own DJ slot on-air and spread the musical love
  • Talk about current events or anything your heart desires
Music Reviewer
  • Help out the music development team by reviewing albums to go on the rotation racks to be played
  • Listen to albums and playlists to ensure they’re FCC safe for the station
Promotion Street Team
  • Flyering for events around Kalamazoo
  • Sellin’ WIDR Merch at events
  • Handing out cool free gear on campus
Live Session Team
  • Experience the ins and outs of live sound reinforcement, recording, mixing, and effects processing while working with awesome local and touring musicians as they perform on the air. Every Monday night from 5:45 to 8:45 at the WIDR studio!
Production Team
  • Learn to and help produce on-air promotional spots, Underwriting Announcements, PSA’s, Legal IDs, Liners, and more!
  • Includes script writing, voice over work, audio effects processing, audio editing, and in depth use of Adobe Audition
 Ready to get involved? Contact the director pertaining to your interests on the Contact Page
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