Focus— Eruption from the album Moving Waves

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Date Artist Track Album Rotation Request DJ e/d
February 19 2017
Feb 19 - 1:39 AM Focus Eruption Moving Waves No Captain Gelato e/d
Feb 19 - 1:34 AM The Fallen Angels Look to the Sun It's a long way down No e/d
Feb 19 - 1:29 AM Shocking Blue The Butterfly and I The Shocking Blue No Captain Gelato e/d
Feb 19 - 1:26 AM Purson Mr. Howard Desire's Magic Theatre No e/d
Feb 19 - 1:20 AM Black Sabbath Black Sabbath Black Sabbath No e/d
Feb 19 - 1:15 AM Pink Floyd Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun Saucerful of Secrets No e/d
Feb 19 - 1:12 AM John McLaughlin Devotion Devotion No e/d
Feb 19 - 12:54 AM Larry Coryell Toy Soldiers The Lion and the Ram No e/d
Feb 19 - 12:45 AM Strawbs The Hangman and the Papist From the Witchwood No e/d
Feb 19 - 12:40 AM Spooky Tooth with Pierre Henry Prayer Ceremony No e/d
Feb 19 - 12:25 AM Capability Brown Beautiful Scarlet From Scratch No e/d
Feb 19 - 12:24 AM Grease Highway Star No Captain Gelato e/d
Feb 19 - 12:16 AM Nash the Slash Dead Man's Curve The Million Year Picnic No e/d
Feb 19 - 12:12 AM Rosalie Cunningham Strawberry Fields No e/d
Feb 19 - 12:08 AM Deep Purple Help Shades of Deep Purple No e/d