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WIDR Featured Show Listings

9-11am Electronic Variety w/ DJ Graham

11-1pm The Time w/ DJ Mony
Do you like awkward boys and good music? Tune in for both. WIDR’s own Business Director plays new tracks from both his and your favorite artists as well as hosting the occasional interview with local musicians and community members.

1-3pm Variety w/ DJ Poppy

3-5pm DJ T & The Mondo Superlatives
Improve your groove with DJ T’s personal mix of rock, soul, blues, jazz, funk, folk, classical, and some things you just can’t label. From Beefheart to Coltrane you get only the best and an occasional guest.

5-7pm Twist A Go Go w/ Napoleon Solo
Celebrating the sights and sounds of the Go-Go club scene; with pounders, ravers, soul-stompers, freakbeats and other music shakers throughout the cultural galaxy.

7-8pm The Basement Show
The WIDR studio opens its doors to both local and touring music acts. Hosted by Simon Jefferson, you can tune in to hear a live performance & interview with some of the coolest musicians who found their way to Kalamazoo.

 8-10pm Alternative 80s w/ Turtle the DJ
Call in your new wave, no wave, post punk, and synth pop requests & rewind to the heyday of MTV and campus radio.

12-3am Horror Show Radio w/ Kenjji
Horror Show radio is a creepy collection of horror rock and classic psychobilly hosted by a diabolical Dr Esther Tuttle from the show FRANKIE and featuring a late night variety of frights and delights. This show is for the monsters out there and especially for the monster in you!

6-8am Peaceable World of One Everything w/ DJ One Everything
“Fill your toaster with toast and your ears with a dose of sonic sensation and sunrise vibration from all around this Peaceable World of One Everything. It’s very early in the morning – are you awake?” You can also follow this show’s’ accompanying blog at

3-5pm Surf & Turf w/ DJ Purely K
DJ Purely K brings you a mix of music fit for your trip to the pool, lake, or fantasy seaside. Within a show you could hear lo-fi, chill wave, chamber rock, dream pop, ambient dub, soundscapes, garage tunes, or anything else creating an atmosphere of sun and sand.

5-7pm The Deuce Project w/ J-Unit One

7-8pm The Audio Bijou
The Audio Bijou is news, reviews, and music from the movies. Every week we play music from movie scores and soundtracks, talk about the latest releases, and challenge your movie knowledge with Screen Test Trivia.

8-10pm Blues Power w/ DJ Bluespower

10-12am Reggae Revolution w/ Selector Jonathon
Reggae music from around the globe!

12-3am Horror Show Radio w/ Kenjii

8-10am Talk & Variety w/ Kevin Whelan

2-3pm Music to Drive to w/ DJ Annie
Hosted by WIDR’s very own General Manager, tune in for an exploration of indie-folk music from the 60’s to now; fitting for any long drive or road trip you may be embarking on.

3:30-5pm Variety w/ DJ Bert Flowers
Tune in for a different genre each week; from Rock to Synth-pop to Hip-hop, DJ Bert Flowers plays it all.

5-7 Hoodrat Strategist w/ DJ Dangergroove

9-11pm Rock and or Roll w/ The Doctor

1-3pm Variety w/ DJ Peach Pit

5-7pm Don’t Be Square Jamz w/ DJ Bosco

7-8pm The Deep Cut Hour w/ DJ Tizz
A variety of 60s 70s and 80s funk, punk, and rock are featured on this show, but they’re the cuts you don’t usually hear on the radio. Listen in to hear those tunes from the B-side of your most treasured records and tapes from the greatest music eras of all time!

8-9pm Grrrlville w/ DJ E.T
Grrrlville radio show and podcast will blow your mind and smash the patriarchy with great music and interviews with ladies who change this world. Catch us outside Thursdays 8-9 p.m. and at How ’bout that?

9-10pm Electric Free Form w/ Vaughn

10-12am Truth Beyond Belief w/ DJ Majic


12-3am Horror Show Radio w/ Kenjii

10-12pm Lucid Dreams w/ DJ Blue Velvet
Tune in Friday mornings from 10 am to noon for a dreamy mix of introspective Bedroom-Pop, sparkly Chillwave, and velvet smooth Alternative R&B.

12-3pm Sic Music’s Midday Mix

4-6 Keep it Locked (Hip Hop) w/ People’s Choice DJ
The best Hip-hop/Rap/RnB of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. There are updates on current artists, pop culture, and awesome.

8-10pm Sonic Delivery Service w/ Erik Vasilauskas


12-2am The Splatterhouse w/ DJ Will Kill
Join DJWILLKILL, WIDR’s 2017 Student DJ of the year  for two hours of Industrial music – showcasing the best in both old and new Industrial jams,  metal, punk, goth, and electronic variety! Tune in to the darkest, heaviest show on WIDR FM and GET SPLATTERED!

9-11am Saturday Morning Cartoons w/ DJ Muppet

11-1 Slipback Soul w/ DJ Disobedience

3-5pm Variety w/ DJ Parley
A variety show with the goal being to play a different genre each week in order to expand the musical palette of each listener.

5-7pm Variety w/ Josh Moran

7-10pm Hip Hop Ethics w/ JB Love

10pm-12am Sounds of Confusion w/ DJ Supersonic
Tune in to hear a mix of  Psych-Rock, Space-Rock, Neo-Psychedelia, Stoner-Rock, Doom Metal, Shoegaze and Dream Pop.

12-2am The Show That Never Ends w/ Captain Gelato

8-10am Off The Field w/ Lance Caporossi
Entertaining, informative and not to be taken too seriously, WIDR is happy to air a two hour sports show that discusses stories that take place off the field and a few that take place on it. Hosted by a man blessed with a silky smooth jumper that got him nowhere and a voice that rivals any of the top hosts you hear today.

10-12pm The Outhouse w/ Nate Leanin

12-2pm The Sample Platter w/ DJ No. 9
This two hour set focuses on the art of sampling and the reinterpretation of existing music into new music. Within the show, DJ No. 9 will play songs in sets of two; by starting with a standalone track, and then pairing it with a song that utilizes a sample or interpolation of the first

2-4pm #hottake w/ DJ Contra Asset
Playing anything from jazz records to your favorite local band’s bandcamp, tune in to hear whatever music our station’s Program Director has been listening to that week.

4-6pm Variety w/ DJ Cool Friend

6-8pm Sounds in Space w/ The Pewter Suitor

10-12am Goodnight WIDR w/ Simon Jefferson
Relax before the work week with a little late-night book reading and new music picked specially by our station’s Music Director.