Meet The Directors

Annie Kustasz – General Manage 

Alias: DJ Annie

WMU Major:  Creative Writing with a Journalism Minor

WIDR Start Date: 2015

5 Favorite Bands

  • Fleetwood Mac
  • The Paper Kites
  • The Civil Wars
  • Wild Nothing
  • The 1975

Recently Rockin’:

  • Lissie
  • Ryan Adams
  • John Mayer
  • Florence and the Machine
  • The Eagles

Favorite Thing About WIDR: 

Being exposed to new music. I’m finding new bands to love, new sounds to love, and it allows me to be creative in that way.

Goal for WIDR:

I want to get everyone in here. I want it to be a Western Michigan University Staple. I want the people who give tours to be like, “this is the Faunce Student Center, it houses WIDR FM. You should go here for that reason only”.

Fun Fact:

Empire of the Sun gave me a guitar pic once… it changed my life.

I also took a Wild Nothing poster off of the wall at a concert once, and then made the band sign it.


Amber Zundel – Promotions Director

Alias: N/A

WMU Major: Multimedia Arts Technology with a minor in Event Management

WIDR Start Date: Spring Semester 2016

5 Favorite Bands

  • The Beatles
  • Led Zeppelin
  • Fleetwood Mac
  • Neck Deep
  • Panic! At The Disco

Recently Rockin’:

  • Fleetwood Mac
  • Simon & Garfunkel
  • Ed Sheeran
  • City and Colour
  • Amy Winehouse

Favorite Thing About WIDR: The live events that volunteers get to be a part of. You get to work with so many interesting and creative people.

Goal for WIDR: To make us a better known station. I want WIDR to be THE go to place for fun and great music.

Fun Fact: In the past year I became a member of 3 volunteer groups at WIDR before getting this job!


Evan Asher– Program Director

Alias: DJ Contra Asset

WMU Major: Accountancy

WIDR Start Date: Fall 2015

5 Favorite Bands:

  • Paul McCartney
  • Tame Impala
  • Parquet Courts
  • Steely Dan
  • Guppy

Recently Rockin’:

  • Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  • Simon & Garfunkel
  • King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
  • BadBadNotGood

Favorite Thing About WIDR: Being surrounded by music loving people and being exposed to new music everyday. Helping build the music scene and general attitude towards music in Kalamazoo.

Goal for WIDR: Get every person on campus who wants to DJ, DJing at WIDR.

Fun Fact: I’m actually 6’8″ tall.


 Jeff Simmonds – Music Director

Alias: DJ Simon Jefferson

WMU Major: Multimedia Arts Technology & Japanese

WIDR Start Date: September 2017

5 Favorite Bands

  • Violent Fems
  • Talking Heads
  • Vampire Weekend
  • Wu Tang Clan
  • Green Day

Recently Rockin’:

  • Television
  • New York Dolls
  • Public Enemy
  • Freezepop
  • Joy Division

Favorite Thing About WIDR: The posters – it explains a lot about the place, you can just be silly. You can be yourself.

Goal for WIDR: To have all of the CDs categorized and placed into a sufficient library for the good of the whole organization.

Fun Fact: I know more about Game Of Thrones than you… and that goes out to everybody reading this. Unless, you’re George R.R. Martin.


Andrew Paulissen – Production Director

WMU Major: Multimedia Arts Technology with a Minor in Computer Science

WIDR Start Date: August 2016

Top 5 Artists:

  • Pink Floyd
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Beatles
  • Deadmau5
  • Gorrilaz

Recently Rockin’:

  • Lost Boys by Ruth B
  • The album Classics by .exe
  • Where do i belong by infected mushroom
  • Messiah by I See MONSTAS
  • More than Gravity by Colin and Caroline

Goals: To increase the Quantity and Quality of the Content on widr, and to Introduce some large scale projects.

Favorite Thing About WIDR: All the people. People here are awesome.

Fun Fact: I’ve been playing instruments since I was 6.


Tony Mitchell – Business Director

Alias: DJ Mony

WMU Major: Film & Multimedia-Arts Technology

WIDR Start Date: February 2016

5 Favorite Bands:

  • Tame Impala
  • Mndsgn
  • Chet Faker
  • Daft Punk
  • Toro y Moi

Recently Rockin’:

  • King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
  • Soul Low
  • Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  • Mothers
  • Whitney

Favorite thing about WIDR: Its a great place to learn who you are, and push the boundaries of what you didn’t think you could do before walking through these doors.

Goal for WIDR: get our station the exposure, reputation and amount of listeners that it deserves on WMU’s campus as well as in Kalamazoo itself.

Fun Fact: I enjoy writing music, and making visual art!

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