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Why You Should Celebrate Christmas in July

Hey everybody, happy July! We are really getting into the ‘heat’ of summer (pun intended) which is usually around the time that I personally start to long for the holiday season. I realize that sounds crazy but we’re halfway between the past holiday season and the upcoming one, and now that it’s crazy hot I’m starting to get excited for that time of year which I always really enjoy. Luckily for me, some people share in my love of Christmas even during odd times of the year like now, in July. Most years I forget that Christmas in July is a thing and am pleasantly surprised to hear Christmas music playing when I tune into Star 105.7 during July. In that spirit I have decided to host a Christmas in July episode of my show this Thursday, July 15th, at 9 PM! Now while I’m not above writing a blog just to promote my show, I thought I would also share some reasons why I think you should celebrate Christmas in July. So without further ado, here are the 5 reasons I will be celebrating Christmas in July this year and think you should too!

  1. It’s a great excuse to get festive

Those who know me well know that I’m a very festive person which is just a nicer way of saying that I get very extra during the holidays. For me, December feels like a month where I always have an excuse to be happy and to be honest I wish there were something like that all the time. Even though July will never be as big a celebration as December (nor should it be), it’s nice to have a little excuse to be festive and have some fun! As I write this I’m listening to some Christmas music and it’s making me feel a little bit more positive which I imagine could be true for lots of people.

2. Summer can get boring

I love summer, don’t get me wrong but it can get a LITTLE boring. There are summer holidays of course but in my opinion they’re not as fun as the holidays throughout the fall and winter. Michigan tends to be exciting most of the year in terms of weather but summer is definitely the most boring season for it with it being hot nearly all of the time. Celebrating Christmas in July is a great way to break up that monotony and invite a little bit of chaos into your life.

3. It’s a way to trick yourself that it’s not that hot outside

As I just mentioned, summer is hot a lot of places, including here in Michigan. As I sit here listening to Christmas music, it’s surprisingly easy to pretend I’m not sweating. Maybe I’ll even go throw on a Christmas sweater and confuse any coworkers that decide to call me during my internship tomorrow. Nothing like Christmas music, a Christmas sweater, and drinking hot chocolate to trick yourself into believing it’s not 80+ degrees outside.

4. We're still dealing with a (stressful) pandemic

Although life is mostly getting back to normal here in Michigan, the pandemic unfortunately isn’t over and people are still getting infected with COVID-19. That still weighs on me personally and can be difficult to deal with, so why not do something wild just for the fun of it? Why not celebrate Christmas in July to distract yourself from this incredibly stressful period of life? If I were living on my own instead of with my parents right now I honestly think that I would decorate my apartment for Christmas just for the hell of it. Nothing in life is normal anymore and I personally am inclined to lean into that and celebrate Christmas in July which I think could help people feel even just a little bit better about life right now.

5. Who’s going to stop you?

I feel like most people may disagree with my here... but I think doing something simply because you can is a perfectly good reason to do a lot of things in life, celebrating Christmas in July being one of them. Nobody is going to stop you from listening to Christmas music during July and celebrating in whatever way you please, so why not just do it? Assert your dominance on life and celebrate Christmas in July if you want to, y’all!

Well, that’s my spiel! Hopefully you’re ready to get out there and have some fun celebrating Christmas this July. If you are looking to celebrate, tune into my show this Thursday, July 15th, at 9 PM for a full hour of some of my favorite Christmas music!


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