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When the Soundtrack is Good but the Movies Sucks.

When the first Twilight movie came out in 2008, the world laughed at it’s fan base for enjoying it.

I’ll admit that I was smitten by the craze for awhile, it only lasted the first two films. I don't even remember if I saw the third. But looking back I do admit, the books are filled with cliches, grammatical errors, and terrible plot lines. And the first movie seems to be shot with almost a blueish filter over the camera lens, the actors seem to fumble over lines, and the chemistry from everyone in the movies is lacking. (Taking 6 writing course and 3 films course has truly ruined any nostalgia I might have for these movie.) But, most people that aren’t fans of the movie already knew this. So with all of the reviews for the first movie being that it was horrible, career killing, and very hated how did the soundtracks turn out so good?


To me, the best soundtrack from the series is the New Moon soundtrack.

Featuring Bon Iver with St. Vincent, Thom Yorke, The Killers, Death Cab for Cutie, and Grizzly Bear. A lineup like that could be a sold out festival within its own right. The music that these artists contributed to this soundtrack makes it feel like this hazy synth folk dream.

Thom Yorke “Hearing Damage” is so dark and spacey, it’s such a cool song. You just feel cool listening to the way it moves up and down. “Roslyn” by Bon Iver & St.Vincent is so graceful, you will probably cry. The whole sound of the soundtrack feels misty and sad, which makes sense for the movie. The hidden treasures of “Satellite Heart” by Anya Marina and “Possibility” by Lykke Li just makes this soundtrack so much better. The vocals on this album from almost everyone, are imperfect, scratchy, raspy, and gritty. But it’s so good. A coffee shop in Seattle, could put this soundtrack on and it would fit the atmosphere.


The third movie, Eclipse, is just as good.

We have Metric, Florence and the Machine, Sia, The Black Keys, Beck with Bat For Lashes, Vampire Weekend, and Band of Horse. Also Muse made a return on this soundtrack. Again this could be another festival line up, probably a way different festival but still.

Sia’s song “My Love” is stunning. It’s a song that moves, with piano and strings. The instrumental version of the song is as perfect when Sia sings over it in her voice that eases through the song. And gosh freakin Metric and Florence and the Machine start off this soundtrack with the most girl power vocals that makes you feel ready to fight a vampire army of newborns. (That's the plot of the third movie.)

While this soundtrack doesn't have the cohesiveness of the last soundtrack it still so good.


I’m going to combine the last two movie soundtracks, (just like the movie should have been) into just the Breaking Dawn Soundtracks.

Together they feature St.Vincent, Green Day, Ellie Goulding, Passion Pit, and brother sister duo Angus & Julia Stone.

Part 1 of Breaking Dawn soundtrack is definitely more romantic and slow, since the whole movie is about them getting married and their weird vampire baby. “Requiem On Water” by Imperial Mammoth, has this new indie folk vibe to it, that would expect from a playlist on Spotify not on a Twilight soundtrack. Part 2 of Breaking Dawn keeps that romantic tone but in a darker way, maybe because again there's a vampire army thats coming to attack them, but instead of newborns their Italian? Because they rule vampire world? And the Avatar is there? And also the werewolves that imprint on a baby? -Anyways The last soundtrack of the saga mirrors a lot of the tone we see in the new moon soundtrack, it’s breathy and raspy, but with pops of colour. “Fire in the Water” by Feist is a slow song that feels like fire, “Speak UP” by POP ETC is this synthy song with interesting vocals. “Ghost” By James Vincent McMorrow is A somber singer-songwriter melody that belongs in a coffee shop. The music in these two soundtracks makes for an electric mix of talent.


These soundtracks are absolutely amazing, and I’m not criticizing these artist for partnering up with the Twilight Saga. If anything their choice to be on this world-wide phenomena soundtrack allowed for new people to hear their music and exposed to a new type of artsy in music. Whether that be how Thom Yorke lawyers his synth and vocals, how Beck and Bat For Lashes combine their earthly rhythmic sounds for what sounds like an old 80’s pop banger, or Passion Pits slow synth airy vocal build into a dance party. The talents and unique styles on these soundtracks are undeniable. And showcasing that through a platform like the Twilight saga may seem strange, but hey it’s still good music.

ALSO SIDE NOTE: Can everyone stop making fun of me for owning the New Moon soundtrack now? Thanks.


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