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Syd's 2023 Spotify Wrapped

If you have been following WIDR for a year, you may have seen my 2022 Spotify Wrapped post. For those who don't know, I love music and data so I have been anxiously awaiting its release. Checkout my Wrapped post from last year to compare. Enjoy my Spotify Wrapped 2023 breakdown!

The Basics:

In total this year I listened to almost 2.9k songs for 40,267 minutes. This is over 30k less minutes than I listed to Spotify last year. There are quite a few things I attribute this major drop to. I have been listening to more podcasts this year (checkout Switched on Pop, my personal favorite) which I do on YouTube or through Apple Podcasts. I also watched a lot of Youtube videos and Twitch streams of Sims 4, which meant I was not listening to music. I listen to 89.1 WIDR FM more now, since in the introduction of The WIDR App. Finally, I have been in a relationship for the past year, so much of my time is spent with him, rather than listening to music.


In total this year I listened to 84 genre. Last year, I listened to a total of 92. I am not sure where this decrease came from, but is something I will certainly be making a conscious effort to improve on next year.

My top genre this year was pov: indie, and I don't think I am alone in that. In scrolling social media, I saw many of my friends also had this as their top genre. I listen to quite a bit of independent and DIY music, and play it a lot on my show, so this did not come as a surprise.

Emo rap being my number two also is not surprising to me. One of my top artists is emo rap, and I listen to quite a bit of emo rap in the fall and on long drives.

I am a bit surprised Pop Punk is not higher on my list. I would consider 2/5 of my top artists, and quite a few of my favorite artists not in my top five, to be pop punk.

Pop is in the number four spot, and with 2/5 of my top artists being pop, it surprises me that it's not higher on my list.

My number five genre is rap. I do not believe I listen to much true rap (see emo rap above). However, when discussing with Mikey of Electro City, he pointed out that some hyper pop may be categorized as rap. I also listen to what I would consider rock rap, which may also be under rap for this.


In total I listened to 1,856 artists this year down about 100 artists from last year. Like with my drop in genres, I'm not sure what this drop is from, but is certainly something I hope to increase next year.

Three of my top artists are the same as last year (different spots on the list). At the top we have Waterparks AKA my favorite band. This year I am in their top 0.5% of listeners, with 3,378 minutes listening to them. I saw them in May, and have tickets to see them for the third time next March. My top month for listening to them was November, but I am not sure why. Last year they were in my number three spot, so they jumped up quite a bit.

My number two artist was Taylor Swift, down from #1 last year. I have been a Taylor Swift fan since I was a small child, and I continue to enjoy he music to this day. My top listening month was June, which does not come as a surprise since that is when I saw her on The Eras Tour (Detroit night 2).

In the number three spot is The Home Team. Since seeing them open for With Confidence in September 2022, they have quickly grown to be one of my favorite groups. I have seen them live two more times since then, and HIGHLY recommend you give them a listen if you haven't heard of them before. My top month for listening to them was September, which was when I saw them live.

Number four goes to the one and only Lil Peep. Peep is down from #2 last year, and #1 in 2021. I still enjoy his music a ton, especially on night drives. My top month for listening is November. I always listen to him more once it starts to get colder out, so this comes as no surprise to me.

Rounding out my top artists this year is KennyHoopla. I had been planning to attend his concert in October, so it comes as no shock to me that October was my top month for listening to him.


My top song this year was Slow Bloom by The Home Team. Interestingly enough, I would not consider this my favorite song my The Home Team.

That special honor is reserved for my second most played song of the year, Right Through Me. It is super fun, and even better live than in the studio recording.

My third most played song this year is Eat You Up, also by The Home team. I was not expecting this song the make my top five, but it's a great song so I'm not mad about it.

Finally Waterparks appears in the number four spot with FUNERAL GREY. One of my favorites off their latest album, and my boyfriends favorite song by them (I think, if I'm wrong my bad).

SELF-SABOTAGE also by Waterparks is in the number five spot, and I'm honestly surprised it's not higher on my list. I would consider this to be in my top two songs from that album, and thought I listened to it more than I evidently do.

My honorable mentions for top songs this year are the following:

#6 doyounotlisten by Marika Sage. I found this song in January, and was expecting it to be in my top five. There are days where I listen to this song on repeat 5+ times in a row.

#7 Lovers Rock by TV Girl was my number one song last year. I still enjoy the song, but I think I wore myself out a bit with it.

#8 Good Girls (Don't Get Used) by beach Bunny is another song I thought would be in my top five. A great sing along song when driving, doing homework, anything really.

#9 A NIGHT OUT ON EARTH by Waterparks is my other top two song from their latest album. Certified bop if you've never heard it.

#10 Why Am I Like This? by Orla Gartland takes the number ten spot, and is another song I listen to on repeat somedays. It is very relatable, and I can't help but sing along when I hear it.

That's all for my Spotify wrapped this year! If you like any of these songs, artists, or genres, consider tuning in to my show Variety w/ Sydney which is currently Wednesday's 4-5pm, and will be Thursday's 10-11am next semester. Listen to all 100 0f my top songs this year HERE!


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