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Sting, Stewart, and Andy

The Police, also known as Gordon Sumner (Sting), Stewart Copeland, and Andy Summers. Sting the iconic bass player, Andy on guitar and Stewart on drums. This trio would make the punk rock industry watch them with every breath they took. Every move they were making well was watched by many with anticipation. In the beginning, The Police struggled just as every beginning act did in those days. Nobody would listen to their records and thought they were awfully strange. It got to that point that they pulled off an act of their own to gain more attention. They were scheduled to play along with another musician on a British TV show at the end of the program. Instead of going out as themselves, they put on weird outfits and masks which immediately drew the audience's attention. Imagine how cool that would be to say that you were at a Police concert even before they were the police - masked up as well!

After that, a local talent producer noticed them and decided to give them a chance by making an LP. This LP would end up turning heads in the British punk rock scene. Outlandos D’amour, released in 1979, would be The Police’s epic jumpstart to acclaiming their fame. What’s strange about the release is that it didn’t end up becoming popular until the next year. This album tremendously correlates to wine - as it ages, it gets better. As soon as their electrifying sounds broke loose, so did they, playing rambunctious and enticing shows around Britain and eventually coming to the states.

They found success, but just at a slower rate than other groups at the time which isn’t something to be mad about, some things just take time. Amid their career, things started to get ugly in the creative differences department between Sting and Stewart. It got to the point where Stewart would write offensive comments about Sting on his drums to knock everyone away. A good way to channel that frustration I must say! "Do Do Do, De Da Da Da" is all he really could say to him. The band split in the ’90s due to this tension but reunited in 2008 for reunion tours.


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