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Spill Tab - "CRÈME BRÛLÉE" review

Released November 8, 2022, "CRÈME BRÛLÉE" is the newest track from Claire Chicha, and her third single this year. After seeing Boyish comment "Best song in the world" on instagram, I've been anxiously awaiting this release.

The first 7 seconds caught me off guard, with a very different sound than I'm used to hearing from Spill Tab. But after that they start to add more elements in, and Chicha comes in with vocals at around 13 seconds.

As with most Spill Tab songs, there is quite a bit happening with the production/music. But, I think it works really well. I don't feel like it overshadows the vocals, which is something that can happen in tracks with more production. There is a great driving beat, keeping the song moving forward, that I really enjoy.

As you listen you can feel a build up of energy through the end of, what I'm assuming is, the chorus. And at about 41 seconds this leads to a guitar solo. Which I greatly enjoy. It then goes back to the same music as before when vocals come back, and follows the same pattern of build up to guitar solo.

At this point I thought the song was ending, but in fact it was just a transition for vocals to come back in at 1:40. It stays pretty tame through the end.

Overall I enjoyed this song quite a bit and after a couple more listens, I decided to add it to my playlist. Check out "CRÈME BRÛLÉE" by Spill Tab here!



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