• Raine Larrew

Shiver Review

On October 2nd of this year, Jónsi released his new album titled Shiver. It is a collaboration between him and A.G. Cook, known for being Charli XCX’s producer.

The album starts out with “Exhale”, which begins the album on a light, airy note. It feels very atmospheric with all the reverb and echoes. The song gradually builds from an intro into the general vibe of the whole album: experimental upbeat pop.

As the song fades away, it picks back up again in the atmospheric feel of “Shiver”. “Shiver” is the title track, and rightfully so. It is approached as very electronic and robotic. The buildup happens ¾ of the way through the song, but it is a wild ride.

Next up is “Cannibal” featuring Elizabeth Fraser. This is the first song on the album where you can actually understand the lyrics. I think this is a notable track and one of my favorites. It starts off very somber and delicate and picks up about halfway through with Elizabeth Fraser on the harmony and more vibrant drums. This song is great for a night drive and just hanging out.

“Wildeye” comes in next with a hard and industrial felt entrance. It is a very wild song with a weird time signature, but it is worthy of a listen. The lyrics are all about losing control of love and have a deep meaning. Halfway through the song you start to get an EDM vibe with the vibrant kick drum.

There is a big mood change from “Wildeye” into “S