• Alison Koch

October Favorites Playlist

This month’s favorites embrace the cool bitter weather with a mix of dreamy vocals and guitar and a sound that perfectly compliments the changing temperature.

You can listen on Spotify here.

All of these songs blend perfectly with any autumn moodiness you may feel. So put on this playlist, get cozy in bed, grab some hot chocolate and try not to think about those midterms.

1. “Dear Wormwood”, by The Oh Hellos from their album Dear Wormwood.

This melancholy folk tune starts off this playlist, evoking a sense of nostalgia and comfort on these cold fall days. The song starts off simple, with acoustic guitar and vocals and builds over the five minutes to create an epic chorus of gorgeous vocals.

2. “Angelina”, by Pinegrove off their album Everything so Far

We continue this playlist with a light hearted song from Pinegrove. This song continues with the more folk vibe as it is a simple guitar, drums, and vocals. It creates a gentle fall feeling with simplistic style and sound with heartfelt lyrics.

3. “Next of Kin”, by Alvvays from their self titled album, Alvvays

The light vocals create a perfect contrast with the backing instruments. This energetic jam is the perfect tune to put on when you’re trying to get yourself up and ready for the day, even when it’s still dark out. This song evokes feelings of summer as we try to hold on to memories of the warm weather during the chill that is setting in for fall.

4. “Sandy”, by Oh Mercy from their album When We Talk About Love

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