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Nova Classica - Black Jewelz

I was first introduced to Black Jewels when he competed on "American Ninja Warrior" starting in 2016. He said on the show that he is a rapper, so I gave his songs a listen. I was pleasantly surprised by a lot of his songs. At the beginning of February he released a new song, Nova Classica. I haven't listened to it yet, so this will be my first impression and thoughts.

I really enjoy the short intro, with Jewelz getting straight into the rap within the first 10 seconds. Right off the bat I also really am enjoying his rhymes and lyrics. Through his time on "American Ninja Warrior" I know he was homeless for a while, and hearing him rap about it, while also knowing that he overcame that, is very powerful. At about 1:30 he is done rapping for the rest of the song. This is a very interesting approach, as I don't often hear that in the songs I listen to. It continues for the next 25 seconds with some gentle 'ohs' over the music, before adding some drums in at 2:00. The song comes full circle, ending with the same music it started with, at the very end adding a couple more 'ohs' in before the track ends.

Despite it being different from what I was expecting, I enjoyed this listen quite a bit. It is not what I normally listen to, but I added it to my playlist, so I clearly still like it. If you like rap/hip-hop I definitely recommend Never Fm, my favorite song by Black Jewelz.


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