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Mac DeMarco: Then and Now

When Listening to Mac DeMarco, it never felt like I was saying "Goodbye Weekend". His music has always made me feel laid back with a reassurance that everything will be alright. It was 2018 the first time I listened to Mac. It was the summer. My friend Ryan Ruiter, shoutout to Marty, joined me on an evening bike ride around town. I was shuffling through my playlist when he suggested a song. I didn’t know who it was when I looked at the title and played it. As soon as the record played, waves of euphoria set in on me. It was like a door had been opened to another path in life. I remember looking at the sunset while we were flying down this hill and felt nothing but pure bliss.

Ever since then, Mac’s music has shaped me into the person I am today. His inspiration from The Beatles is very noticeable to me and always brings a higher connected emotional structure that feels so right. Mac has brought everything to the table he can. He never fails to be different in every project he makes. Salad Days was the first album of his I fully listened through. Funny how it was that album and not 2, the album that includes "Ode To Viceroy", my first encounter with his music. He has influenced a lot of the newer generation in this genre of music. He can capture you and put you under his chorded and vocal spell to evoke so much emotion. Mac has been one of my top artists since that day and I will always enjoy him and his records.


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