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Just Can't Get Enough New Wave Xmas Review

If you are not a big fan of pop/smooth jazz, Christmas time can feel like a bit of a dry spell for music. While I personally can’t relate to the dislike of traditional Christmas music, I am here to review the most iconic alternative Christmas album ever to exist: Just Can’t Get Enough: New Wave Xmas. This album was the Christmas soundtrack of my childhood and to this day I still just can't get enough - pun intended. If you're looking to have a really fun and slightly weird time as this holiday season comes to a close, this is the album for you.

I don't want to spoil all that this awesome album has to offer but I would like to highlight a few of the standout songs. The opener, "Thanks For Christmas" by The Three Wise Men - aka XTC is such a sweet song, sure to get you feeling festive and having a good time. Though you may not recognize most of the songs on this album, it does have arguably the best Christmas song ever to have existed: “Fairytale of New York” by The Pogues. “Xmas at K-Mart" by Root Boy Slim is also quite a standout because who doesn’t romanticize shopping at K-Mart ( 2021)? If you are looking for a good cry, but with sparkly tears because you know, Christmas, “2000 Miles” by The Pretenders is definitely the song on this album for you. My personal favorite song on this album might be "One Christmas Catalogue" by Captain Sensible. It really feels magical to me and never fails to get me in the festive mood. The last song I feel the need to highlight is “Santa’s Beard” by They Might Be Giants. This song in particular shows just how much this album has grown with me as I distinctly remember singing my heart to it as a child while decorating my house for Christmas before I knew it was about a girl cheating on her boyfriend by making out with Santa (you know, by wearing his beard).

No one should have to sacrifice their taste in music to get in the Christmas spirit so hopefully everyone enjoys this album as much as I have 😊. Happy holidays y'all!


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