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January Favorite's Playlist

This Month brought WIDR’s rotation rack a number of different indie-pop records that are guaranteed to keep you going this semester. Our WIDR staff picked some of their favorites for an upbeat playlist full of dance grooves.

You can listen to this playlist & follow us on Spotify here.

1. "Golden Days" by Whitney:

As the bleak January weather has us all feeling down in the dumps, "Golden Days" reminds us that summer is right around the corner. This song reminds me of a happy and sunny summer day...hang in there folks there is hope!

2. "Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark)" by Unknown Mortal Orchestra:

Off of their 2013 album "II", Unknown Mortal Orchestra brings us this hit single. Their sounds present to us a genre classified as stoner rock. Definitely unique and worth the listen.

3. "Emergency Blimp" by King Krule:

Off of his newest album, "The OOZ", King Krule brings us "Emergency Blimp." This song is about insomnia and struggling to sleep.

4. "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" by The Smiths:

Off of The Smiths' album "The Queen is Dead" released in 1986, we are given this gem. This song is definitely a classic!

5. "Dark Red" by Steve Lacy:

This song describes someone wondering if their lover is going to leave them. The song title "Dark Red" refers to the lipstick color that girls wear when they're trying to move on. This groovy song will be sure to get you dancing.

6. "Strange" by Harvey Waters:

This song comes from one of my favorite local bands-Harvey Waters. Their album "I Drove Your Car in a Dream Last Night" is filled with lots of bedroom pop sounding content, including this song. Definitely recommend giving their album a listen!

7. "Khmlwugh" by HOMESHAKE:

Apparently this song title stands for some of the lyrics within the piece: "Kissing, hugging, making love, waking up, getting high". Released in January 2017 Khmlwugh is the 9th track from Homeshake’s album "Fresh Air".

8. "Sunny Duet" by Noname:

Off of her 2016 Album titled "Telephone", this Chicago native brings us this vibrant song about love. It is literally what the the title says it is...A Sunny Duet!

9. "The Greatest" by Alabama Shakes:

This upbeat song can turn any bad day into a good one. Especially with the bleak weather January has brought us, this song reminds me that summer and warm weather is right around the corner. Just picture yourself driving with the windows rolled down and your best friends in the backseat jamming to this.

10. "Toes" by Glass Animals:

From their debut album 'ZABA', the group brings us this hit. Glass Animals always brings some cool sounds to the table. They use fun samples throughout the song that make it sound like you're walking through some sort of rainforest. This is the first Glass Animals song I heard, and since then I've expanded my listening and have fallen in love with the group. Definitely recommend checking them out if you haven't before!


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