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DJ Recs 11/8/23

We have another collection of banger recommendations from our DJ's this week! Listen HERE!

Tally Hall - Spring And A Storm

The College Wave with The Voicebox

My favorite song overall, this song is one of the most under appreciated off the album. It tells the story of a storm both through lyrics and music, growing and intensifying with time like a storm, picking up the pace of raindrops and thunder culminating in a rainbow of a song. Give it a listen! I’m sure you’ll find something in there you like.

My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult - Hour of Zero


Thrill Kill is one of my all-time favorite bands. If you’ve seen the movie The Crow, they have a cameo in the club shootout scene, and I got to interview lead singer Groovie Mann (Frank Nardiello) on my show back in 2017! My birthday is November 6, but on Friday, Nov. 3, I got to see them in Pontiac to celebrate early! My good friend Josh Guinan is the host of Dark Essence Radio down in Brisbane, Australia, which airs Mondays, so I got to make a birthday request ON my birthday! This is the song I requested, for no other reason besides the fact that it sounds very different from most of Thrill Kill’s catalogue. Maybe not the best example of what they sound like, but a damn good song nonetheless! Happy 30th birthday, me!

8-Bit Hour w/ Austin

It's a beautiful folksy song that satisfies the sad girl vibes I need while also being a very beautiful take on life and death.

Marshmallow - Before U

Electro City w/ Mikey

Variety w/ Sydney


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