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Cruel - Broadside ft. Brian Butcher

If you have ever tuned into my show, Sun Up w/Sydney (formerly Variety w/Sydney), than you have already heard of The Home Team. I am a huge fan, I had the oppurtunity to see them last year, and am super excited to see them live on their first headline tour this Spring! They are bringing Broadside along to open for them, and in anticipation for this tour, The Home Team's lead vocalist Brian Butcher has collaborated with Broadside on "Cruel." Here are my first impressions and thoughts on the song!

I want to start by saying I love the album art, the motel vibe is really fun. There is a lot of effects that are very interesting on the vocals as well as lots of different sounds in the music. It then clears off for crisp vocals and a more 'normal' rock sound. In the chorus I can hear Butcher come in, he has a very strong falsetto. The chorus is quite catchy, and easy to bop along to. I love the after chorus instrumentation, it's super fun. I am also really enjoying the lyrics in this song, they are fun sounding while also still having a message. The Bridge is fine, nothing really special, but I do greatly enjoy the transition from the bridge to the chorus. On this chorus I appreciate the bit of echo in the vocals, as it adds a bit more excitement. The vocal outdo takes you almost all the way to end of the song, which I think is very fun.

Honestly I haven't heard much of Broadside's music, so I wasn't sure what to expect. But I was super pleasantly surprised. This is a super fun track that I look forward to hearing on my playlist and playing on my show. If you enjoy pop-rock music, I recommend you join me in Detroit April 4th for Broadside and to hear Butcher with the rest of the band!


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