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COVID Concerts

After reading Maggie’s blog, (HI MAGGIE) it inspired me to also write something up of a virtual concert experience I got to enjoy during the pandemic.

Like many others, I have struggled with not being able to go to any live shows for over a year. I just really miss the feeling leading up to a show, the feeling during, and the high that remains for a while after. But it is what it is right now, and all I can do is look forward for the next one I’ll be able to go to again.

But even despite the pandemic, artists have continued to keep their supporters listening! In the fall, one of my favorite artists, Young the Giant, held a 10-year anniversary virtual concert. It had been 10 years since their debut album was released, so this concert consisted of all the songs solely from this album. I was super excited because I love their self-titled, and some of my favorite tracks are on there.

I’ve been able to see them multiple times in person, so I was a bit sad to not to see them all on stage and see Sameer dancing away. Plus, lately I’ve been seeing my memories from 1, 2, and 3 years ago showing up on my phone with me at concerts that STAB ME in the heart.

Anyway, my siblings and I decided to purchase some tickets for the show, and it ended up being a great time. We pushed all the furniture back, my brother brought out a disco strobe light, had some…. beverages….and created our own private concert. It was kind of emotional, not gonna lie.

I wished that Young the Giant could have seen us supporting them from our home. And I hope that all of the artists out there who aren’t able to do any live shows still know that we are all out here supporting you. Music continues to keep me sane, even more so during this! Love y’all.


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