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Come to WIDR's Halloween Movie Night!

WIDR is proud to announce a very special, very dope screening of 2020’s Psycho Goreman on Thursday the 14th at 8 PM--just in time for the Halloween season! Grab your pillows and blankets--we’ve got the food--and settle on in for the rowdiest take on the kids-stumble-upon-alien story you’ll ever see!

When Luke is forced to dig his own grave by his nutso sister, Mimi, after having his ass handed to him in “Crazy Ball,” he discovers a gem from Gigax, a planet ruled over by a tyrant called “The Archduke of Nightmares.” The villain comes after them, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake, while a group of elites called the Templars track his every move. But what makes this movie special is the villain’s dynamic with Mimi and Luke. While most movies would have these kids stalked by the monster, this one turns him into unwitting hero, imprisoned in friendship and renamed “Psycho Goreman” when Mimi won’t give up her awesome new gem.

Ensuing is a buffet of b-horror schlock, with the comedic sensibilities of 1995’s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie as ET is perverted to new, Cronenbergian heights. Come for the gruesome dismemberments, stay for the hunky boys, bonkers costuming, and America’s new pastime, Crazy Ball--as well as smash hit, “Frig Off!” as performed by Mimi, Luke, Psycho Goreman and a giant brain on keys.

It’s the most fun you’ll have at the Faunce Center this year, and anyone who’s anyone wouldn’t miss it. We’ll see you there, wild child. It’s Psycho Goreman.


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