• Hank Melluish

Britpop Week Final Thoughts

Hey, everybody! Thanks for making Britpop Week great! We’re getting to the end here, and before it wraps I’d just like to, yeah, thank everybody who’s tuned in and gotten excited about it. If your eyes are open, there’s a lot more than I could hope to cover in four hours. From the fashion, the culture, the characters of these big characters… I wasn’t even able to play all of the songs that made waves! If you’ve got Britpop Fever, as I do all the time, here are a few musts that weren’t covered!


Modern Life is Rubbish-Blur:

The first, and ironically best of their three Britpop classics. Ironic because it was the one we didn’t play!

Dog Man Star-Suede

Suede gets introspective, druggy and powerful in their sophomore album. Acclaimed, but quite an artistic step up for fans.

(What’s the Story) Morning Glory-Oasis

The big one. O