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Bouncing Through Boulder

From Panoramic Point to Pearl Street Mall, the city of Boulder has so much to offer. I recently vacationed to the Broomfield area of Colorado for my step-sister’s wedding that was held in Estes Park, roughly an hour out from there. I had an amazing time visiting Broomfield, Denver, and Centennial but my favorite city had to be Boulder, and that's what this article is about!

This wasn’t my first time in Boulder however, I had visited Colorado for the first time in 2019. I spent more time in Denver since that was the location I had a residency at along with having other things to fill my time there. This time, I had to take advantage of what this beautiful city had to offer inside and out.

Since it was my first time being back, my step-brother and I wanted to make a day trip and check out the area. Before all of that, we stopped at Proto’s Pizza to have lunch with our parents. This place was amazing, their pizza was delicious. They had a lot more to offer than just za, but I would highly recommend their pizza. We ended up getting rained out after lunch and headed back to our hotel. The next day, we planned to have dinner in Boulder at The Western Tavern. Really good food and atmosphere, considering it was in the college town of Boulder. Before dinner, my step-brother and I decided to check out a park nearby called Panoramic Point. We didn’t know it offered so much scenery until we got there, which made it even more thrilling to reach the destination. As I’ve stated, Boulder has a great collection of cuisine and things to do and see. The last thing I want to share was my favorite part of the trip.

I was eager to find a record store around Boulder to see if they had any gems in my subjective music taste. And in fact, this location had something that took me by surprise. In high school, I was a part of the jazz band as a drummer for four years. Being warped into the realm of jazz is something else, especially if you’re a music guru. It expanded my discography and opened up so much more music to me. I didn’t know that half of those records existed. The one record I was really drawn to was Getz/ Gilberto released in March of 1964. This album combines jazz, bossa nova, and samba into a true masterpiece. I was so happy to have found it at Paradise Records in Boulder. That’s my second experience wrapped up. I highly recommend you all to visit Boulder in your lifetime.

Take it easy everyone, and make sure to tune into The DJ Drez Show Thursdays from 4-5 PM!


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