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A Modern Day Bossa Nova Genius

To be fair, potsu does not write strictly in a Bossa nova style, but for the sake of this article, let’s pretend EVERY song he does is in that style (or some underlying form of jazz and soul alright? Great).

Potsu is a producer from California with a certain knack for the arts of the lo-fi beats that all the hip kids and kittens are listening to these days. However, instead of just strictly sampling all of his production elements, this dude straight up PLAYS the instruments in his tunes, which is a slight diversion from convention which is fantastic (see video of him doing such playing here).

Potsu’s new album Reaching For A Star is so fitting for modern day times, with features from modern lo-fi heavy hitters Atwood and Rav among others, it will make you cry, dance, and experience all the emotions that life is throwing at us right now. Link to Reaching For a Star here.


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