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Post- Jeff Rosenstock

Jeff Rosenstock's Post- is a unique take on Punk-Rock and Indie.

Coming from Long Island, New York, Jeff Rosenstock has been a part of multiple music groups including Bomb the Music Industry! and Antarctigo Vespucci. He began his solo career in 2012 with his debut mixtape I Look Like S***. He followed this release with Summer Seven Club in 2013, We Cool? in 2015, and Worry in 2016. In January 2018, he released his most recent solo album, Post-. In addition to his albums, Rosenstock founded the independent record label Quote Unquote Records, which puts out all its records for free. He also created Really Records, which has released many of his own projects. If that wasn't impressive enough, Rosenstock is the hired composer for the music on Cartoon Network's Craig of the Creek, which premiered on March 30, 2018.

Post- makes a powerful statement throughout its 10 tracks and has received high ratings from music critics. Written a short time after the presidential election, Rosenstock uses Post- to detail the loss of hope he has in the country and its people.

I read about the thought put into the album after listening to the album, and with that knowledge comes a clearer understanding behind the creation of this album. The entire album has a stick-it-to the-man vibe full of contempt. Heavy guitar and drums create a grungy basement show feel that takes me back to my angst-y high school self. It's very fast and - after reading about the meaning - has a clear and powerful story behind it.

That being said, this album is a little overwhelming. I do wish that I had read about the album before listening to it, because stepping in with no context was a little like jumping into a cold lake. Personally, I am very easily over-stimulated, and Post- is possibly the most over-stimulating album I've heard recently. However, even though this album isn't my cup of tea, I can appreciate it for its message and the punk-rock sound Jeff Rosenstock dishes out. From the angry USA (track 2) to the balladic TV Stars (track 6) and even the 11 minute long Let Them Win, Rosenstock's message is clear. Our disappointment in recent times can only be changed through our determination to change and fight back. This powerful album gives a new meaning to storytelling through music.

Track Listings: Mornin'!, USA, Yr Throat, All This Useless Energy, Powerlessness, TV Stars, Melba, Beating My Head Against A Wall, 9/10, Let Them Win

Best Tracks: Powerlessness,

9/10, Let Them Win


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