• Will Kriss

Burial 10 Album Review

Artist: ESA [Electronic Substance Abuse] Album: Burial 10 Release Date: Feb 7, 2020 For Fans Of: Hocico, iVardensphere, Psyclon Nine, Author & Punisher, Die Sektor

Dark. Heavy. Tribal. Complex. Layered. Visceral. These are all adjectives that come to mind when trying to describe the sound of ESA (aka Jamie Blacke, also a collaborator with iVardensphere), who has returned in 2020 with his latest offering of bizarre industrial music. This is actually an artist who I discovered from doing my radio show, The Splatterhouse with [DJWILLKILL] on WIDR FM. ESA has consistently put out quality releases since before the day I started paying attention. If you aren't already into Industrial type music by now, this isn't exactly what I'd suggest as "Easy Listening," as this is a very dark and complicated record. But on my end, after listening to the singles before it came out, all I could think was "Wow, this is EXACTLY what I want from Electronic music right now." I'd hazard a guess that