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RTJ4 - The Album Calling for Radical Change

Run The Jewels. A two piece rap supergroup that I only recently discovered this year, and ironically transformed my Fortnite character into a BA while I was running around in the game this past January. (No shade on Fortnite but playing Run The Jewels in the background makes the game exponentially more engaging).

Killer Mike is a Black rapper and El-P is a white producer/rapper. I absolutely love that they have the respect for one another that you sometimes don’t find in the rapping scene between white and Black rappers. Aside from the sociopolitical aspect, Run The Jewels genuinely has some of the freshest production I have seen all year aside from Freddie Gibbs’ and his various collaborations this year.

What sets RTJ4 apart from other rap albums this year is its prevalence to the many calls for equality for all people, especially Black folks that have been historically underprivileged and had far less opportunities than white folks. Aside from the expected features with big names like Zack de la Rocha and 2 Chainz, this album has so much turbulence that makes you want to just slap capitalism in the face. Among the many topics of discussion aside from blatant racism, police brutality, and privilege, my favorite line comes in the tune JU$T, “look at all these slave masters posing on your dollar.” If that line isn’t perfectly timed with the mass removal of racist statues in America and abroad, then I don’t know what is.

Black Lives Matter, and this record illustrates that to the fullest. If you want a politically charged album that isn’t too preachy but gets the point across with some stylish beats and strong flow, then this is for you.

Favorite Tracks:

Link to the full album here.

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