July 31, 2020

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Music at the Library Ep. 26:

June 19, 2018

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So do you like vaporwave or are you a climate change denier?

May 16, 2020



To be fair, you must possess a very high IQ to truly understand and appreciate the genre that is vaporwave. It’s all at once a rejection of corporate agendas and canned music, with the hazy imagery of abandoned malls, and facilitated by the groundbreaking technology of automating the playrate in your software. It makes me wonder at how, more than 60 years after the invention of music, artists still find a way to innovate, and push the boundaries even further. Vaporwave is a testament to humans’ natural impulse to explore the unknown.


It’s a shame that this goes over a lot of people’s heads. 


Personally, I blame the government.


I don’t think there’s much doubt that vaporwave is better when listened to in the cold, and especially at night. Imagine listening to Floral Shoppe driving on a warm summer day. Now imagine listening to it on a snowy winter day at night, in bed with the window open so the weed smell clears out. I’m sure there is a minority that will prefer listening to it during the day. There’s no accounting for taste. But a lot of very smart people are saying vaporwave is better in the cold.


Why does that matter?


Two words.


Climate change.


I’d say at least half of the country believes that science is real and that global warming has been increasingly accelerating since the Industrial Revolution. But a significant minority has bought the oligarchs’ anti-climate-change talking points hook, line, and sinker. This provides a significant issue for vaporwave. As the severity of the climate-change crisis heightens, the winter snow and cold nights that cradle the appeal and experience of vaporwave will vanish, meaning that