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Local Musician Support

Right now is an especially difficult time for local artists. Here are some ways you can still support your favorite musicians and help keep them alive:

1. Buy merch

Merch is a great way to support artists. Since lots of shows have been cancelled, musicians are no longer getting paid for their gigs (assuming they even were in the first place). Follow their social media. See what they’re offering.

3. Buy and stream music

Although the money an artist makes on streams can be small, it’s still important. Did you know an artist gets paid more if you have Spotify premium? Buying music is less popular but many artists still sell their music on Bandcamp and also offer hard copies of CDs and tapes. Check it out if it’s of interest to you!

4. Donate to an artist relief fund

There have been a plethora of fundraisers organized to help artists in need. If you have the means to do so, here and here are a couple organizations I found.

5. Check out live streams

In lieu of planned shows, a ton of local artists have opted to perform via live stream. It’s been a super cool, intimate way to connect with different artists. Consider donating to the FREE show, as well. DIT Kalamazoo has a list of upcoming live streams so be sure to check that out.

We all love music. Kalamazoo has such a unique scene for it, too. Please consider helping the local music scene and don’t let the DIY community die.

Peace and love, y’all.

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