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Fun Apps to Discover New Music

Hi everyone, happy summer! Congratulations on getting through this crazy semester, it is truly a great accomplishment. Given that that many of us are still quarantined and have had jobs and internships for the summer get cancelled, it seems that we all have some extra time on our hands and are looking to fill it. What better way is there to fill that time then to listen to new music? I won’t recommend anything specific for you to listen to but I personally have been playing around on a couple of apps that have helped me find some new music to listen to that I thought I’d share today.

Boil the Frog is a website through Spotify that allows you to choose two musical artists and it will create a playlist with music that transitions between the two artists you chose. The website will give you 30 second samples of songs on the playlist it creates but allows you to download the playlist onto your Spotify account with full-length versions of the songs. I have found this to be a great way to discover new artists that are related to artists I already know and love. I have also found it fun to do wacky combinations like Vampire Weekend and Prince which just provides an entertaining musical experience.

Radiooooo is an app for IOS that lets you travel through time and around the world to discover music. You are able to choose a country, a time period, and a mood (slow, fast, or weird) and the app will show you music under those conditions. As a big travel and language nerd, I love this app because it allows me to find music in different languages and from places that I haven’t been to. If anyone is interested in learning a different language, listening to music in that language is a great way to dip your toe into the water as well. If this hasn’t been convincing enough, I’m pretty sure that I discovered this app through Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco who I believe has used it as inspiration for his music. If I’m honest it can feel a bit odd to listen to music in unfamiliar genres and languages but it’s a great way to branch out.

Have fun playing with these apps and stay safe at home, we will get through this!

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