• Andrew Buczek

I Bet the First Guy to Write a Tritone Was A F*cking Loser

Honestly. So stupid.

Here you have a piano laying out all the notes you can play. If you play all the white keys you have the major scale, an objective formula for making music that people like to hear. Or you can phrase it differently and play a minor scale with the same notes (or something? I haven’t passed basic music 2 yet).

But some fucking guy.

Decided, out of the 12 notes to combine with a given note, he would pick the absolute worst, most unpleasant, most dissonant one out of all of them.



Everybody’s gotta be a fucking pioneer.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s easy to accidentally play a tritone on most instruments, especially if you’re as bad at music as this guy was. But listening to that combination of notes and deciding to commit it to a written piece of music and expose other people to it on purpose is at best, speculative, and at worst, sadistic and malicious.

Now that we live in the 21st century, where keys don’t exist and all music is atonal and microtonal, it’s clear he was onto something, and that dissonance makes the consonance so much sweeter sometimes.

But that doesn’t excuse the charge.

It was a giant step for