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Playlists for Quarantine

A playlist with a little bit of everything homegrown in Kalamazoo. With a blend of emotional tunes, punk, indie, and everything in between, this playlist offers an inside look (from a socially safe distance) to the local Kalamazoo house show scene and all the beauties the DIY scene has to offer.

A playlist meant to keep you motivated at home. Filled with local Kalamazoo and underground hip-hop artists. With vibes ranging from party to patience, you can get a new taste of everything hip-hop from home.

Early this year the WIDR Directors traveled to New York City for the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System conference. We learned a lot and along the way made a playlist perfect for your long road trips (or boring days spent inside) that will keep you on your toes. From k-pop to country, hip-hop and classic rock, this playlist has something for everybody.

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