• Kirsten Hansen

FINKEL Interview

FINKEL is a Los Angeles based electronic soul/pop duo. They will perform August 8th at Tip Top Deluxe Bar & Grill in Grand Rapids. The versatility in their music covers anything from a subtle hang to a full on dance party. Consisting of driving bass lines, cool synths, and chill vocals, their sound appeals to a wide variety of listeners. It was a pleasure getting to chat with them about their musical journey and creative process. 

What drew you to the music industry? How did you get your start?

Who are you inspired by?

Jane: The music industry is fascinating from every angle. We love working on and expanding our artistry and knew if we wanted to truly take it on, we’d have to see the entire project as a cohesive piece. We both play and work in the industry, which really feeds its progression. 

Brian: This answer is dumb, but it’s the only thing I can conjure up - we are inspired by everything / everyone. I feel that our art is reactionary and that we are merely a creative vessel for what our senses take in. 

Jane: When I keep my eyes and ears consciously open, pretty cool things show