• Lindsey Freedman

Major Murphy Interview at the Audiotree Music Festival

*this interview took place after the Audiotree Music Festival in the fall of 2018 and was transcribed by Lexi Terrian

L: How would you categorize your music genre-wise? Or is there a subgenre that your band identifies with? MM: Generally, we’re a rock band since we use guitars and drums. We’ve got an electric guitar, bass guitar, and a drum kit. Today we had our percussionist with us.

L: Is that not normal? MM: We do it live and in the studio so it is becoming more normal. The fourth member is not apart of the brand as much, but it really adds to the sound.

L: Who writes the music? Or do you all write the music? MM: Me (Jacob).

L: So is it your band? Do you call it your band? MM: That’s a super good question. I’m the songwriter, so the whole thing is my prerogative. Jacki and Bud are very aware of that, but I think we try to set ourselves up for as much expression as possible from each member. It’s how we approach the songs. It’s totally unique to us. When I write a song, I try to stick to my guitar or stick to my keyboard and I’ll try not to fill it out too much from there.

L: What is the songwriting process for you? How do you bring it to the rest of the band? Do you let them put their own spin on it or do you tell them the ideas that you had for that song? MM: Even if you did write out everything exactly and you brought a trio of people together to perform the written music it would change from the way the person who wrote those formulas out. It would become something else and that sound is what bands are. It’s an interpretive thing. We try to just bring our sensibilities to it.

L: What happens when you get an idea for a song? Do you start with lyrics or melody? Where does it start? MM: Sometimes the melody comes first, sometimes the lyrics come first. More often a melody or chord progression comes first. I’ll play something on the guitar and say “Oh, I like the sound of that” and start humming along. I might make up words just