• Beth Flores

What A Day For New Music

May 17, 2019 has been a magnificent day for new music. This music ranged from local Kalamazoo artists to well-known artists. For someone who loves rap, like myself, today has been a landmark holiday for new music releases from Tyler, the Creator, Slowthai, Injury Reserve, Amine and Chance the Rapper. These are huge names. Is it a coincidence they were all released today or was this planned? Honestly, I could not care. My ears could not be happier than in this exact moment. A little word of warning, if you are not one to hear explicit content. These albums are not for you.

At midnight, I promised a dear friend and the current WIDR GM to listen to his debut album. The album Acatalepsy by ZXA can be found on all streaming platforms. Being someone who is personally going through their life search, I can greatly relate to this album. Acatalepsy is somewhat a coming of age story mentioning the hardships that can be given to students (and those between the age of 17-30) about how life is cruel and exciting all at once. The true and honest meaning I get from this album is how life is constantly being thrown at you. There is no down time but at the same time life is passing you by. You are losing time with those who are leaving you to go do the things they love. Many of us who are growing older can deeply relate to these feelings that ZXA goes through. I would recommend this album to most. If you support local music, this is one to put in your ears. Listen on Spotify by clicking this.