• Noah Shankool

Brother Son: Detroit’s groovy indie rockers hit Kalamazoo

Brother Son is an alternative rock band hailing from Detroit that writes fun tunes with some jazzy chords and southern flare. Currently on the second leg of their tour, the band played a house show on Wednesday Sept. 19 in Kalamazoo. The quartet is comprised of bassist Jimmy Walkup, keyboardist Drew Gijsbers, drummer Chris Pecorelli, and guitarist/vocalist Frank Harrington. In an interview, Harrington,explained how the band was formed. “My first job was at Westborn Market and my first day was Chris’ first day,” Harrington said. “That’s how me and Chris met. Chris found out that I wrote a little music and he heard that I needed some drums. So Chris had a place to practice and played drums and we started it from there.” Eventually they recruited friends Drew and Jimmy and recorded their debut album “Young & Pretty,” but the writing process hasn’t stopped there, as Brother Son says that they have a new album finished. “It’s all