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Bringers: From folk rock to ambient textures

Bringers is a duo from Chicago Illinois who create experimental ambient pieces with singing and spoken word. The duo, comprised of Mary and Paul Cardona, played a captivating set at Satellite Records on October 13th. “We started playing together 5 years ago actually as a folk band. I was doing ukulele and Mary was playing melodica and bells,” said Paul. “We were writing folk rock songs. Then we got a keyboard and another keyboard and then we got a sampler and it just started evolving.”

Mary, who is relatively new to the music world, finds inspiration in areas outside of traditional musical influences.

“For me it’s doing more non-traditional things like working in poetry or spoken word. It’s putting all the separate things that we like together into one thing,” said Mary. “I think in some ways being traditionally trained can be a limitation. If you don’t have that limitation you can have that freedom to do weirder stuff.”

Bringers’ writing process is both collaborative and individual, with both members adding their own pieces to the finished product.

“I think we tend to write in pieces. Paul will write something and then I’ll add something to it and then once we start playing it live we’ll work it out and maybe change it a little bit,” said Mary.

Bringers future plans include releasing a music video, dropping their debut album and continuing to tour.

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