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Featuring… - Music Director's Playlist of the Month

This list was inspired by The Sample Platter with DJ No9. No9’s show is filled with sampler, source and it is everything i’ve wanted at WIDR. This playlist is titled Featuring…, and this is because it is made of compounds of two songs. A song that features an artist, then the featured artist themselves. WARNING if you don’t like Gorillaz...sorry.

  1. “Street Talkin” by Slick Rick Ft Outkast, The Art of Storytelling

This was the first show that I found for this playlist, as in I stumbled upon this song weeks ago, and couldn’t get the hook out of my head. This is Slick Rick's return album after being released from a correctional facility. Featuring Outkast’s Big Boi.

2. “SpottieOttieDopaliscious” by Outkast, Aquemini

Introduced to me through our Business Director DJ Mony Tony, and this is Dopaliscious tune. I’ve been a fan of Outkast, but have never digged deeper. All I have to say to this track is damn.

3. “ To Binge” by Gorillaz Ft Little Dragon, Plastic Beach

Swimming in synthy sounds this Gorillaz chart is a sounding out of two wayward loves, and hoping to hear them call again. The Poppy sweet of the sound, with the mix of heartfelt lyrics.

When researching for this playlist, I’ve fallen for Little Dragon more and more!

4. “Runabout” by Little Dragon, Machine Dreams

Wanting to pick a song around the same time as the recording of Plastic Beach. That being said Machine Dreams fits this spot perfectly! This hard, abrasive synth tune pushes the level of the playlist to a more Indie scene, in the middle of a two Hip Hop compounds.

5. “November Has Come” by Gorillaz, Demon Days

Hitting it back to the featuring legends Gorillaz, this time with a feature from MF DOOM. This monster track hits hard as MF cuts through the beat with his sharp wit, rackus lyrics, and effortless style, add Gorillaz for flavor.

6. “Deep Fried Frenz” by MF DOOM, MM...FOOD

This track is by far my favorite. Full of exposition on the DOOM story, hard hitting topics within DOOM’s life, and metaphors cooler than the Fonz in a cooler. Listen.

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